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Golf Cart Lift Kits – Which One is Best You

There are several options for lift kits and different modifications for your golf cart’s suspension. While trying to decide what is best for your needs you may come across all kinds of terms that you don’t understand, like “double a-arm”, “Spindle Lift” and “Axle Lift”. Which type of golf cart lift kit can you use?…

Fully Utilize your Golf Cart to Enhance your Gardening Experience

Golf Carts can be used to carry much of what you need to carry! Many people that have property are now doing at least some form of gardening these days. I know plenty of people that have moved to our area in Tennessee and are excited about trying their hand at gardening. One thing you…

7 Golf Cart Accessories to Help Make your Camping trip Awesome!!!

7 Golf Cart Accessories to Help Make your Camping trip Awesome!!! Whether you’re camping at the beach or on a campground or out in a wooded area a golf cart can go you where you want to be and can be a great addition to your camping experience.There are several accessories that can add to…

Looking for a Special Cart?

You deserve to get exactly what you want in a golf cart. Tell us what you are looking for and if we don’t have it, we will custom build a cart to be everything you are looking for!

Have a Cart to Sell?

Your cart or other similar item may give you a great down-payment on a custom golf cart from McCulley’s. Let us know what you have and we will make you an offer on your trade-in!

Our Specials

Why Choose Us?

Quality Custom Carts at a Fair Price

Every Golf Cart you see at McCulley’s Golf Cars was rebuilt here*. Each Cart with our name on it is stripped down and rebuilt, making sure there is nothing for you to worry about lurking below the surface!

Independent Dealer of All Major Brands

You can find all major brands of golf carts here. As an independent dealer we have total freedom to help you find the best golf cart for YOU. We have no quotas to fill, so we are not going to push you into a cart that isn’t right for you.

Our Multi-point Checklist Keeps Growing

We are constantly improving our standards to make sure you get a cart that is reliable and will last years to come. Just hop in your cart and take a ride. You’ve got nothing to worry about!