A Custom Golf Cart as a Birthday Surprise

Sara’s husband had a birthday coming up. He and Sara had enjoyed many years together and are now enjoying living in the beautiful Pleasant Hill area of Cumberland County TN, just a few miles outside of Crossville. The Neighborhood they live in has a lot of amenities, but Sara’s husband could not get to them because he had given up driving due to some health issues.

She wanted to surprize him with a custom golf cart to match his car that he had given up. We matched the color and painted a new body for it. We added seat belt, mirrors and other items to make it personal and safe to drive down the road in their community.

From a Stock Yamaha Drive…

We started with a basic cart for this project. Sara wanted to add some custom touches like a set of exhaust tips coming out the sides and the paint to match their old car. Otherwise, this was a pretty straightforward build. The golf cart got a fold down rear seat by Madjax. The lift chosen was a 3″ Spindle lift by Jake’s Lift Kits and we put a set of street tires on a 10″ Aluminum Twister style wheel.

You wouldn’t believe how awesome it was to be able to be part of this golf cart build. Seeing our customers face when the cart was delivered; priceless.