We’re getting ready for a big year with you all!

You all have spoken, and we’ve tried our best to listen. McCulley’s Golf Cars has built all kinds of electric and gas golf carts in the past. For most of our history as a company we kept our cart inventory kind of basic and customized carts to order for those that wanted to do so.  The problem is that you don’t want to wait for a basic Cart to be customized, hoping that the end result is as good as you pictured it (at least most of you don’t). You want a custom cart, but you want to see it completed before you buy it and you don’t want to wait for it when you make your decision. Sounds pretty good, right?

That is exactly what we are doing. We have decided to build out all of our golf carts to be custom golf carts with different bodies, seats, wheels, lift kits and more on every single cart we build. If you want something truly personalized, then we can still start from scratch and build a cart just for you. However, we are growing our stock of ready built carts for those of you who want something custom, but don’t quite know what until you see it.

Recent Golf Cart Builds

Now, the Build of the week – The Burgundy & White Club Car Precedent

Now that we are changing things around, we are going to have a lot of custom golf carts ready each and every week. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to create a chance for you, the customer and reader, to get in on the action. We will be posting the Build of the week and you can comment and make suggestions. Let us know what you would want to see on a cart.

Here is the Cart we chose to show this week.

Features of this cart include:

  • New Metallic Red Body
  • Matching Red/White Upholstery
  • Red/White Wheels
  • Flip Down Rear Seat
  • 88″ Extended Top
  • LED Lights and Tail Lights

We did some things a little bit differently on this cart than usual. That is why we wanted to show it as a focus this week. We stick with the standard colors to appeal to the most people most of the time, but when I saw this body color I decided to build a whole cart based on the body color.