Autobots have Arrived in Crossville!!!
Definitely the Cart of the Week

If you aren’t a transformers fan, then that title may make no sense to you at all, but this golf cart was so fun to design and build. I really like the Transformers Series and designing a cart after one of the main characters was really quite exciting. Even if you aren’t a fan of the show, the cart turned out to be a great looking golf cart that anyone would be fortunate to have.

Starting from scratch… sort of 🙂

With this cart, like every cart we build, we started with a standard two passenger golf cart. Often we will replace the bodies on the golf carts we build with a new oem body, but with this one we needed to have a very specific color so we painted a Yamaha Drive body that was in great shape. We had it from a previous load of Yamaha Drive carts that we customized. The color is Chevy’s Rally Yellow. On the front cowl we tried to follow the Black accent that Bumble Bee has, but we also had to take into consideration the body lines of the Yamaha Front Cowl. Then I added a bit of pin striping detail to the edges of the black detail. I think it turned out great, how about you?

yamaha drive golf cart front plastic custom paint mcculleys crossville tn

From the Inside to the Outside…

The body turned out really good, but we had a lot of work to do still. Just swapping out the plastics is not good enough. Might as well go through everything with a fine tooth comb while the bod is off…(and a pressure washer).

yamaha drive golf cart frame and cleaning up before building custom crossville tn

Once the frame was cleaned up and the electric connections were tested and cleaned, the cart was ready to come together. Here is where it really did TRANSFORM! We took what was a green 2 passenger Yamaha Golf Cart and changed it to a Yellow and Black 4 passenger golf cart with custom upholstery and a steering wheel that matches the body.