So, how do you build a custom golf cart with just one finger? Point 😉

That’s right, just point to what you like and we’ll put it together for you.

ezgo TXT electric golf cart with 5 inch axle drop lift

First, choose what brand of golf cart you would prefer. McCulley’s Golf Cars we generally stick to Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha. Customers ask us all the time which is the best brand of the three, but that’s really a hard question to answer because each brand has its benefits. So what it generally comes down to is what you want to use a golf cart for and which cart you prefer the look and style of as well as the ride quality.


Club Car Precedent

Yamaha Drive

Second, once you’ve chosen the brand golf cart you would like to customize and the model you are ready to start accessorizing. While your accessorizing you may want to keep in mind what you want to use the cart for. Are you going to be using this golf cart for off-road purposes or are you going to be using this golf cart in your neighborhood or campground, mostly on paved surfaces or gravel roads. Letting us know what you want to use your cart for will help us help you better customize your golf cart to suit your needs and to make it much more useful and fun.

Neighborhood Use

Hunting Golf Cart

For accessorizing your cart you may want to start with choosing the body. Do you want a painted body, a new stock style body, or a new aftermarket style body? There are quite a few options to choose from. You may want to add a backseat or a cargo box to the rear. You can even change the colors of the seats and add a matching steering wheel and dash.

 “You can even change the colors of the seats and add a matching steering wheel and dash”

Another great option for adding a stylish look to your golf cart is to add aftermarket wheels and tires.

All three brands of golf cart that we deal with can fit up to a 12 inch wheel with a low-profile tire without any modification. However, if you would like to fit a larger wheel and tire or if your purpose for the cart is off-roading, then you may choose to add a lift kit so that you can fit an even larger tire on your golf cart.

Of course another good thing for the looks and function of your gas or electric golf cart is to add lights. If you can have your cart on the roads you may want to check in your local area and see if you are required to have turn signals and brake lights on your golf cart. There are also other street accessories that may be beneficial for you, or maybe even required in your area, such as; mirrors, seatbelts, windshields and other similar items.

Now that you have customized the look of your golf cart you may choose to add a stronger controller or a new motor and controller package to add extra speed or more power climbing hills. Once again this all comes down to your preferred use of the golf cart and how much power you need.

As far as golf cart customization goes, the sky is a limit. The more people that are moving into using golf carts instead of ATV’s and side-by-sides for running around their neighborhood yard and even off road uses, the more add-ons are being made for golf carts. And at McCulley’s Golf Cars if we can’t find something for your golf cart that is already made by another company, we will try to make it ourselves if possible. Our goal is to make your golf cart suit your needs and your wants as perfectly as possible.

Now, if you are interested in customizing your golf cart yourself, we are more than happy to guide you through the process. We try to keep a variety of products in stock and what we don’t have in stock we can usually get in just a couple of days. If you choose to do the customizing yourself it will take more than one finger, but it may provide you with satisfaction that you won’t get by having somebody else do the work for you. Either way is fine with us, we are just here to help.