Best Winter Accessories For Your Golf Cart

I know winter doesn’t start until December 21st technically,  but the cold weather is here. So we thought we would put together our list of the top winter accessories for your golf cart. Whether you have a Club Car, EzGo, or Yamaha electric or gas golf cart, there are plenty of accessories that can help you use your golf cart through the winter and have a more enjoyable experience.

Of course, for many of our local customers that do not use their golf cart through the winter the most important thing for your golf cart may be helpful storage accessories such as covers and Battery tenders.

Proper Storage Is Essential For Keeping Your Golf Cart Batteries Up

Both gas and electric golf cart’s batteries will suffer if not used in the cold weather, but that can be pretty expensive for electric carts. We have found a few different battery tenders that work really well and are relatively inexpensive that will help add life to your batteries by keeping them charged through the winter.

48 Volt Battery Tender

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36 Volt Battery Tender

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12 Volt Battery Tender

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Another great option for winter storage if you’re not keeping your golf cart inside is a storage cover. Be sure to make sure that the storage cover that you get for your golf cart has ventilation if you’re going to be charging your batteries under the cover. Golf cart batteries release corrosive gases when charging and need ventilation. We keep a few different covers in stock at our store in Crossville, TN or you can find some that we would recommend here on Amazon.

This Storage Cover works well for 2-4 Passenger Carts with a Short roof

It is important to check the length of any storage cover you are looking at to ensure that it will work for your golf cart. I have had plenty of customers who were unhappy when they ordered a cover from somewhere else and it ended up being way too big or too small for their roof length.

If you have  a 4 Passenger Golf Cart with a Long Top up to 115 inches long this cover should work well for your cart

For golf carts with the roof extending over the rear seat, this cover is for up to 115 inch long tops.


A driveable enclosure for your golf cart  will keep you warmer than you might think.

There are several options for enclosures for golf carts.  The best looking and performing covers are going to be the ones that are custom design for your golf cart by brand.  Club Car, EZGO and Yamahas golf carts all have different roof shapes and windshield sizes making it impossible for a universal cover to fit any of them perfectly.  For a custom fit golf cart cover come into the office and we can show you the different options available for a very nice looking enclosure. These enclosures will range anywhere from  $350 to $500 and are great year round. if you are not looking for something to be on your cart all year long, and instead want something to simply throw over your cart the coldest month or two out of the year  a universal car cover may be just a thing you’re looking for. They are available in a few different styles at a relatively low price. Here are a couple that we would suggest.

In my opinion the three-sided enclosures are the way to go, but they are a little bit more expensive and take a little bit more to install. If you choose to go with the three sided enclosure I believe you will find that it is well worth the extra little bit.

These Under $50 Items Can Help You Stay Warm In The Winter With Or Without An Enclosure

Several companies make propane heaters that fit snugly inside your cup holder. these propane heaters are quite warm themselves, but pair them with  an enclosure and your golf cart will feel as warm as you want it to.

This one from  Mr. Heater would be the one that  we suggest. Mr Heater Cupholder Propane Heater


This Golf Cart Blanket is Water Resistant and Fleece Lined

Another  simple little item that can make riding in your golf cart a little more comfortable in the winter is a golf cart blanket. These blankets are designed with little slots  for the armrest on your golf cart to go through. these spots keep the blanket from sliding around so even while you’re driving the blanket will stay in place. You can either use these blankets as something to sit on or something to sit under.  better yet, get to one to go between you and the cold vinyl seat and another to lay across your lap.