7 Golf Cart Accessories to Help Make your Camping trip Awesome!!!

Whether you’re camping at the beach or on a campground or out in a wooded area a golf cart can go you where you want to be and can be a great addition to your camping experience.There are several accessories that can add to the experience.

1) A Flip Down Rear Seat Kit  Is One Of The Most Versatile Accessories

A flip down rear seat can add space for two extra passengers or when you don’t have the passengers you can flip it down to hold extra cargo. One thing that makes the flip down rear seat so versatile is the number of attachments made  that attached directly to the rear seat or the grab bar on the rear seat. That brings us to to following accessories:

2) Lawn Chair Holder For  Rear Seat Grab Bar

This is great little attachment to hang on your rear seat. It’s designed to use for lawn chairs, but with a couple of bungee cords you could detach almost anything under 30 to 40 lb on this bracket.

3) Fishing Rod Holder For Rear Grab Bar

Another great use for the grab bar on the rear seat is to attach a fishing rod holder. There are few different ones on the market  and most of them will hold three or four fishing rods easily.




4) Carry Plenty Of Gear With A Clay’s Basket

A Clay’s basket can be a great way to carry backpacks, tents and other necessities while camping with your golf cart. I like the Clay’s basket on a golf cart because it gives you extra storage area for gear without sacrificing the rear seat for the two extra passengers.





5) A Roof Rack Can Hold Plenty Of Gear  Without Giving Up Seating

While I do love a flip-down seat for its ability to carry gear, while you’re going camping you are likely going to want the extra seating. This is where a roof rack can really come in handy. hey Clay’s basket can carry plenty of gear, but you don’t want to stack it too high or you won’t be able to see where you’re driving.  A golf cart roof rack solve this issue by giving you a much larger rack spread across the golf cart roof to store your gear.

6) A Grab Bar Mounted Cooler Rack

If you have the room, a grab bar mounted cooler rack might just be the best grab bar accessory you could add.  it makes a great place for a cooler of course, however when it’s not in use for a cooler you can stash bags, tents, backpacks and other gear and its place. It’s definitely the most storage you’re going to get with a grab bar accessory.



7) Kolpin Rhino Grip U-shaped Racks Can Carry Tools Or Fishing Poles

There are several different racks that are shaped like these u-shaped utility racks. The thing we like about the Kolpin Rhino Grips is the built in rubber grips to keep whatever your carrying from sliding around. Each rack has a rubber strap that clamps down on whatever you have placed in the rack. These racks are great for tools, rifles, fishing poles, and more.