Golf Carts can be used to carry much of what you need to carry!

Many people that have property are now doing at least some form of gardening these days. I know plenty of people that have moved to our area in Tennessee and are excited about trying their hand at gardening. One thing you are sure to do while working in any kind of garden, whether it be a vegetable garden or a flower garden, is to carry thing back and forth to the area.

If your golf cart is a stock golf cart, with the golf bag rack on the back, the straps for your bags are a great place to place any tall tools. You can fill the back of you gas or electric golf cart with rakes, shovels, hoes and more. Another thing that I think is a great idea, is to strap a bucket into one side of your golf bag rack. This makes a great place to carry small tools and small flower pots.

Flip Down Rear Seats are Great for Bags of Soil and Mulch

Most rear seats on golf carts are able to flip down into a flat bed. This bed makes a great place for bags of mulch and other things that you make want to stack on the back. I have used my golf cart to carry square bales of straw from the truck to the garden and to my animals. It was a life saver for me, well a “back saver” at least.

Another thing that I have used the flip down rear seat on a golf cart was for carrying potted plants from my driveway to where we planted them. If you take a strap or a bungee cord, you can load the whole platform full of pots and strap them in by hooking the strap to the arm rests. You may be able to just drive your vehicle in the yard where you are, but my yard is so wet in the spring that my truck would leave huge ruts and my yard would look a mess. Part of the purpose of plating flowers and other trees is to make your yard looks better, not to tear up your grass.

Use a small Dumping Trailer with your Golf Cart for the Loose Stuff

The flip down rear seats are a great addition to a golf cart, but if you want to spread loose substrate, like scoops of mulch or fertilizer, a dumping trailer is the way to go. Most aftermarket companies, like MadJax, Pro-fit or Rhox make a trailer hitch that will fit your golf cart. If you have a rear seat then they make a trailer hitch that will bolt directly to the foot plate of you rear seat. Installing a trailer hitch opens you up to a ton of different uses for your golf cart that you may not have been able to do before.

Another great use for a small yard trailer is to haul of the waste from your garden. When you have a garden there is always so much to carry away. You will be carrying off the weeds that you pull, as well as the empty pots and bags. Eventually, with patience, you carry off a ton of fruits and vegetables as well. With a golf cart harvesting is much easier, allowing you to plant more without worrying about the work it takes to bring it all in.

A shady place to sit is always near by…

Your golf cart has so many great thing to add to your gardening experience. One of the things that you may end up appreciating more than anything else is the shade it provides and a place to take a brake. Strap a water cooler on the side with with a couple gallons of sweet tea and sit back and take a brake under the shade of the roof. If you really want to cool off, flip down your windshield and take a ride down the driveway or the road. This will give you a nice breeze while you are taking your brake.

If you have any other ways you use your golf cart in the garden, post them below! Happy Golf Carting!!