There are several options for lift kits and different modifications for your golf cart’s suspension. While trying to decide what is best for your needs you may come across all kinds of terms that you don’t understand, like “double a-arm”, “Spindle Lift” and “Axle Lift”.

Which type of golf cart lift kit can you use?

First of all, not every type of lift kit will work for every golf cart. Some golf carts have independent front suspensions while others have a straight axle and leaf springs.

Drop Axle Lift Kit

The EZGO TXT is one of the most common golf carts that you will see on the market. This would also include all of the variations that are built on the same frame, such as the MPT, ST and Many other golf carts made by EZGO. All of these carts have a straight axle and leaf springs for the front suspension. So for these carts the most common type of lift kit you will see on them is the drop axle style lift kit. The drop axle is simply a new axle that replaces the factory axle. It drops down on the ends to create more room between the axle and the body of the golf cart.

Double A-Arm Lift Kit

Most of the other brands and models of golf carts you will come across will have an independent front suspension. This means that the axle lift that we just talked about will not be an option. The way we prefer to go on these carts is a Double A-Arm style lift kit. These kits will almost replace all of the factory suspension components. Usually these kits have a heavy duty leaf spring that goes across the front lower a-arms. There is a set of a-arms that replaces the factory arms then a set of lower a-arms and new spindles that drop the suspension down. This is what gives you the extra height.

Here is an example of the Double A-Arm 6″ Lift Kit with a 23″ Mud Tire

Drop Spindle Lift Kit

The drop spindle lift kit leaves most all of your factory front suspension in tact. All golf carts regardless of the brand or model have spindles. These lift kits simply replace the front spindles with newer spindles that drop down to give the cart more height. As far as installation is concerned, the drop spindle lift kit is probably the easiest golf cart lift kit to install.

The spindle is the part that connects between the a-arm and lower leaf spring

What Size Golf Cart Lift Kit do I Need?

So, maybe you know what type of lift kit you need, but you are trying to figure out what size to get. Most golf cart lift kits have options between 3 and 6 inches. The biggest factor in this decision is going to be what size tires you would like to fit under your golf cart.

For some EZGO golf carts like the TXT, Valor, Freedom, ST and MPT you can put up to a 20″ All Terrain golf cart tire on the cart without the need of adding a lift kit. However, most other golf carts will require a 3-4″ lift to fit a tire up to 20-21″.

If you are wanting to get the biggest thing you can get under your cart (within reason), a 5-6″ lift will make room for up to a 23″ All Terrain golf cart tire on most golf carts.

Whichever you choose, a golf cart lift kit is the perfect way to get a new look and different ride out of your Club Car, EZGO, or Yamaha Golf cart. If you still need help choosing and are in the Crossville, TN area, stop by McCulley’s Golf Cars and Check out the lifted carts we have here. Drive them around and see which style and size you like best. We are happy to help.

Thanks for choosing us for your golf cart needs. We’ll see you next time!