Manager’s Assistant

McCulley’s Golf Cars is looking for an assistant to the manger/owner, to help manage the operations in the sales and customer service side of our business. We don’t want to just list a bunch of skills that we want on a resume though. Almost anyone has the skills needed. Most people can write, type, greet people, and call people. These are not overly difficult tasks. The most important thing to us is that the person we hire actually wants THIS job. If someone enjoys what they do they will do it better than someone more skilled that hates their job. We want someone who will enjoy their work and enjoy meeting and talking to new people all of the time. So, instead of a list of qualifications, we have put together what a typical day might look like at your new position.


Someone asks, “What did you do today?”

This might be your reply:

Well, first I checked to see if the owner did something after hours that I would need to enter into the computer. Sometimes, he forgets to add those things to my inbox, so I ask him pretty regularly if he made any sales or talked to anyone that I need to know about. It’s my job to make sure the customer gets everything they were told they were getting. Sometimes we even add a little extra just to surprise the client with a little something.

After that, I checked to see what needed to be ordered for this week and called/emailed a few different vendors to see what was in stock and I ordered in the items we needed. Also while I was ordering I followed up on a couple of things that I ordered last week to see why they had not shipped.

We had several people, maybe 4 or 5, that came in today to look at golf carts. Matthew, the owner, was here for most of the day, so he talked to most of the customers, but I got to talk to two of them. I even sold one customer a golf cart that they are going to use on their small farm.

I had several calls about parts and service questions for the golf carts, I answered what I could, but most of that kind of stuff I forward to our service manager, Josh.

I updated the calendar and called the service customers to let them know their golf carts were ready. Most were happy to receive the call. Sometimes I have to call someone who is a little upset because the repair was more expensive than they expected, but that is all part of the job. Most of our customers are very thankful that we are here to fix their golf carts, so that makes it all worth having the occasional cranky customer. I just let them express their complaint, then tell them that I understand, and wish the parts didn’t cost so much too. Then I ask them if they want me to read to them line by line to explain why it costs what it does. Most of the time they understand, they just need to vent a little.

Overall the day is very pleasant. People that come to buy golf carts are generally very happy and friendly people. They are retired or they have jobs that allow them to travel and camp out often, so they are usually in a good mood.

Overall it was a good day, I love working for someone who actually cares about me and not just what I do. It is a team atmosphere and a pretty relaxed working environment.

If this sounds like a job that you might enjoy, there are several other things that you would be doing depending on the day. The above is just what one day might look like.

Other days, you may be:

– Taking pictures of golf carts to send to someone

– Taking pictures and editing them for our webpage and facebook ads

– You might even be taking quizzes on golf cart questions, so that you can be better prepared for questions and able to better help our customers when they call

-You may be in charge of planning a customer appreciation day where you might run to Sam’s Club to get a bunch of hot dogs and burgers that we grill and give out to our customers that come by.

One thing is for sure, there will be slow times and there will be busy times, but there is always something to do to serve our customers better, even if it is just cleaning up around the office and bathrooms to make sure it looks presentable. So we are looking for someone that will enjoy doing what it takes to help make our customers experience better.

If you have read this far, thank you for your interest. This is not a skilled position, no degrees, experience, or certificates are required, but the right person is worth a lot to us. So the position will start at $10.00 an hour but it is worth much more than that, once we know for sure you are going to be a good fit.

This position is for a personal assistant to me, the owner. This position could grow into manager or you could ultimately run the whole thing. But that is not what I am looking for. I am looking for someone who enjoys helping people, who is happy to be an assistant, even if there is never the opportunity to manage. I want to find the person who wants this job, not someone who is always waiting for the next job. This job will come with plenty of pay increases over time even if the person doing it never manages the business or changes positions.

Please email if you are interested in the position. Include with your email the results to this test – (a screenshot of the results page would be perfect).

I am not posting a typical application to fill out, instead I just want to hear from you. Tell me what you like to do, personal likes and dislikes, hobbies, work history and whatever else you feel may be relevant. If you have any questions, please ask. I want your application email to be the beginning of a conversation, so I encourage your thoughts and questions. The more we talk, the more I’ll know if you and I would work well together.

Please follow these instructions, don’t call with questions or to try and get a quicker response to your email. Part of the reason that I am looking for an assistant is to reduce the number of calls I get. Be patient because I may not return your email for a few days. I do look forward to the conversation that we will have if you send me the email.

If that seems like too much to you, then this probably is not the job for you. This will not simply be a call and an interview. This email will lead to a conversation, that may lead to an in person interview, that may lead to a great job for the right person.

This is a small company with only a couple of employees, so it is very important that we all enjoy working together.


Matthew McCulley

Owner-McCulley’s Golf Cars